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    As in 1937, all Oldsmobile trucks used a 230ci side valve engine (same as the passenger car line).  A 4 speed non-syncro transmission was used on all models except the smallest offering (the C-122) which was fitted with a 3 speed syncromesh trans.  The model line consisted of the C-122 (5,800 lb gross), C-133 (12,300 lb gross), C-157 (12,300 lb gross) and the F-155-H (17,000 lb gross).  All models were Conventional steer except for the F-155-H being a Forward Control design.

    1938 Model C-122 Truck

    122¼" wheel base, 5,800 lb gross weight

    1938 Model C-131

    131½" wheel base, 12,300 lb gross weight

    1938 Model C-157 Truck chassis

    157" wheel base, 12,300 lb gross weight

    1938 Model F-155-H Forward Control Truck fitted with a bus body

    155½" wheel base, 17,000 lb gross weight

1938 Truck Colours

Body Colour Code
Gundagai Green GNDGI
Coolangatta Cream CLGTA